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hobbs the beagle at doggy daycare in St Louis Park, MN

Hobbs loves to play in the outside area at doggy daycare, but he also loves the attention he receives when he walks in!

Hobbes the Beagle has been coming to doggy daycare for about a year… When he comes into the building he gets so excited that he rolls over so I can rub his belly.   His mom said he knows “lets go see Keith” and he gets excited.  These belly rubs could last 5 minutes!! So I thought I would share the love!  Hobbes also loves Sarah who is one of our dog handlers.  The other day, Sarah was petting him and I was trying to teach Hobbes the name “Sarah”.  We will see if this works!

Hobbes also lives about 4 houses away from us.  When we are out walking Roxy, sometimes Hobbes will be outside in their backyard and you will see him try to get under the fence so I can pet him.

I remember one of the first conversations I had with his parents… They had just moved here and I was talking about how dog friendly Minneapolis is and told them about a few of our favorite dog friendly restaurants.  Then about 2 weeks later, they told me how much they enjoyed going to Pizzeria Lola and it was close to where they lived.

Hobbes is such a sweet beagle and we love that he comes to doggy daycare and that I give amazing belly rubs!

Have a good night!


Max is one of the goldendoodle‘s that comes to doggy daycare and he always gets so excited when I walk in the room.  Yesterday when I was done shoveling our outside area, I went into the room to talk with our staff and Max’s tail started to wag from across the room when he saw me.  He came running over to me and jumped on one of the bunk beds so he could get closer.  While I was talking to our staff for about 10 minutes, max also got lots of attention, because once you start petting him, he does not let you stop.  He is such a sweet dog.  Max is also one of our models at Bubbly Paws, you can see him on our price cards.  After our hug fest was over, I let max and some of the other dogs come outside and we had fun playing with the snow!

Have a good night!


snowmagedon at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, MNI sometimes compare Pampered Pooch Playground to an airport… People always depend on us and you need to be on top of the snow and weather!  Yesterday we had tons of snow, which means tons of snow blowing and shoveling!  We have a service that takes care of the parking lot and walkways, but we handle out outdoor play area.  I arrived at the doggy daycare Sunday morning around 5:30am to help get the outside play area ready for the day.   We have to get as much snow out as soon as possible because once the dogs pack it down, we will have an icy play area all winter long  (We learned this the first year when we had gravel outside… wow, what a nightmare that was to try to keep clean!).  After about 2 solid hours the play area was finally ready to be used.  A highlight was watching the dogs run outside and have fun playing in some of the snow that I had not removed!! The trick is to keep it clean, so I returned around 3pm to clean it again.  Don’t think that is where the fun ends, I also went in today around 6am to make sure all the snow was removed once again.  I don’t trust a service to clean out outside area, the fake grass we have can be fragile, and when I clean it off, I know it was done correctly!  4 years ago we upgraded from the gravel we had outside and it was the best decision ever!  You can’t run a snow blower over gravel, but it works great on fake grass. A highlight was watching the dogs run outside and have fun playing in some of the snow that I had not removed!!

Oh, in between trips to the doggy daycare, I shoveled the walkways at our house, took Roxy to the dog park so she could play in the snow and baked gingerbread cookies with Trycia.  Wow, it was a busy day!

Hope everyone had fun with the snow!


Earlier in the week we were contacted by KDWB asking if we wanted to help with Dave Ryan’s Christmas Wish. Our donation would help a Twin Cities family in need this holiday season and make sure their dog was taken care of! How could we say no to this! Since then, we have gotten emails from many people thanking us for our generous donation, and others asking if they could hear the whole story of where our donation went. You can Click Here to download the MP3 of the story or hit the play button below.

Have a great day!


Get ready for some pretty cute doggy holiday pictures!  I saw this while I was at the gym and really needed to share these cute pictures.  So if you are looking for a holiday picture idea, here ya go!

Click Here to see the pictures I am talking about.

Have a good night!





custom dog beds in MinneapolisToday, Trycia and I were standing in the lobby at the doggy daycare, and this lady walked in with a a bunch of Blankets to donate to the Great Minnesota Pet Food Drive sponsored by The Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association!  Each one was hand made and she just started a company to custom make them for people.  . If you would like a custom dog Blanket you can email Kristine  at skg@usinternet.com. We did have a few people eye the Green Bay Packers Blanket (so we have it under lock and key).

The pet food drive is going amazing.  Thanks to our wonderful customers we have collected over 1500 pounds of food!  If you have not donated yet, you can do it on our website by clicking here or in our lobby!

Have a great night!

Starbarks doggy daycareAs many of you know, we love being a small business, and really do try to support other small businesses.   I just came across this story of how Starbucks Coffee is going after a dog daycare called Starbarks.  Yes, the logo even looks like the Starbucks logo with the green.  Normally I would defend the small business, but I really do think this is an infringement of the Starbucks name and logo.

I am aware of many doggy daycares that have names very close to those of large companies, Urban Outsitters in Chicago comes to mind.  The big difference with Urban Outsitters is the logo does not look close to the Urban Outfitters logo.  We actually visited this daycare a few years ago when I was visiting my family in Chicago.  I feel that when you pick a name that is close to a large company, you are just setting yourself up for trouble.  No small businesses have that type of money to defend themselves, so why even start a battle! I am not an attorney, but I just wanted to offer my opinion 😉 It will be interesting to see how this ends.

Just to get some national media attention, I think we will change the name of Pampered Pooch Playground to NeimanBarkus!

There ya go… my .02 for the night.


Great doggy daycare customer service in Minneapolis

Roxy takes all of our customer comments very seriously!

As many of you know or hopefully have noticed, we stress the importance of outstanding customer service with all of our staff.  There have been a few times where I have called out companies for not providing great service  (see the Jimmy John’s post).  Last night we went out to eat with a few of our friends and Trycia ordered a veggie burger. When the food came out it was obviously not a veggie burger.  Trycia quickly brought it to their attention and they re-made it… Then the manager came over and apologized profusely and offered to comp our entire table for the dinner and drinks we had!  WOW!! That is crazy!! That is how we try to do things at Pampered Pooch Playground and when we make a mistake (which happens), we try to always make it right!  I talked to the manager after and told him how we owned a small business and that we would have handled it in the same way.   Since it was handled so well, we stayed longer than we normally would have and spent more on drinks!  It really is just great to know that other places go over the top to fix things!

Have a good day!


Minnie at Doggy Daycare

Minnie was one of the dogs that loved having Brent play with them in the Ruff House!

This past week we have been really busy putting the finishing touches on our new website we have nicknamed PPP 3.0!  Minnie’s mom sent me an email the day after our new website launched and after reading the staff page, noticed that Brent was not listed on there anymore.  Brent has been working for us for about 2 years and he just moved to the west cost, and we were really sad to see him leave!  He loved working with the dogs, and was one of the dogs favorite employees in the Ruff House.  Normally we put a Facebook post up on someones last day, and I feel really bad that is slipped through the cracks.  His last day was Thanksgiving,  So I guess a full blown blog post is almost cooler!  We miss him and wish him the best of luck!

Have a good night!