Puppy Playground

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Puppy Playground is available for pups ages 3-6 months on most Sundays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (dates subject to change).

We allow up to 15 dogs at a time, so be sure to reserve your spot before spots fill up!

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Monitored Playtime

Our dog care specialists will closely monitor the puppy playground at all times to ensure pups are having fun, staying safe, getting the most out of their stay, and of course, providing all the cuddles and attention.


Proper socialization with other dogs and humans is important for all dogs and is ideal to start when they are puppies if possible. Puppy socialization allows your pup to get acclimated to different sounds, environments, people, dogs, and also helps build puppy confidence.

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Kennel practice

Rest in between playtime is important for your pup’s health and safety. Pups will get an hour break from play at 12pm for rest and kennel practice. You may choose to bring them a snack for this time, or you may add on a snack at an additional cost.


We have a variety of treats available for your pup including peanut butter Kongs, ice cream, beef, duck, or chicken sticks. We also have a variety of treats for purchase in our lobby.

Dogs playing

Puppy Playground - Pricing

  • Hourly:



Reservations are required. Pups enrolled in Puppy Playground must be 12 weeks of age to 6 months, have a negative fecal exam, and up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP vaccinations.

Puppy Playground in St. Louis Park

Here at Pampered Pooch Playground we make sure your puppy have fun, stay safe and gets the most out during their stay. Contact us today to make your pup’s reservation for Puppy Playground in St. Louis Park!

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