Dog Grooming

Our daycare staff provides nail trims, nail grinds, and brush-outs for our guests.

Keep Your Dog Looking (And Smelling) Great!

As a daycare or boarding guest at Pampered Pooch Playground, your dog has access to our grooming services. While we don’t have a certified groomer on staff, our daycare team is equipped to perform basic pampering services. Whether they need a quick bath to freshen up before heading home or they’re due for a nail trim or grind, let our team make your canine companion the best-looking pooch in St. Louis Park!

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Grooming for Current Guests

While we are not a full-service groomer in St. Louis Park, our daycare staff does provide basic grooming services for current guests. Our services include:

  • Daily baths
  • Nail trims
  • Nail grinds
  • Brush outs
  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear cleaning

After five nights of boarding, your dog will be eligible for a discounted $10 bath. And after ten nights, the bath is free!

Grooming Pricing

  • Brush Out :


  • Nail Trim :


  • Nail Grind :


Black and brown dog in a bath licking their lips.

Dog Grooming in St. Louis Park

Here at Pampered Pooch Playground, we want all of our daycare and boarding guests to look, feel, and smell their best. That’s why we are thrilled to offer the essential grooming services needed to keep your canine companion healthy and clean. Contact us today to learn more, reserve your dog’s daycare spot, or book their stay in our hotel.

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Dog getting their nails trimmed.