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Tips for Restraining Your Dog While Grooming Them at Home

Grooming is often one of dogs' worst nightmares. They hate all the touching, handling, and noises involved. Grooming your dog at home is viable if you know how to restrain them properly to avoid adding to their stress. Dogs can be unruly, but that doesn’t mean it's impossible to keep them still for a grooming session at home!


Comfort is Key

Suppose you want your dog to behave throughout the entire grooming experience. In that case, you need to make sure they are comfortable while you work. If restraining is all you're after, tying them tightly to a heavy object will work, but it won't be comfortable, so don't expect them to like it! The best thing you can do is prepare a nice open area for them to be groomed. Avoid making them feel trapped or cramped, as that will stress them out and give them anxiety. Restrain them firmly but loosely, so they have space to move around and get comfy. Lastly, avoid putting pressure on their neck and arms as this will more than likely panic them.

Eliminate Stressors

Grooming can be pretty stressful for dogs, so it's important not to add any extra stressors to the workplace. It helps to groom them at a spot in the house that does not have many loud noises or people. If they get triggered during the grooming process, find out what is causing their stress and either take it away or show them it means no harm. If you're grooming them up on a table or counter, it would be wise to invest in non-slip padding to help them feel secure and not afraid of falling off. 


Be Gentle and Calm


Possibly the most crucial step to restraining your dog is to be gentle and calm. Do not just drag your dog to the grooming area and chain them up. Lead them there and encourage them to get comfortable. You can use treats to make them feel happy and rewarded for their excellent behavior. Don't be rough with them, and ultimately make them feel safe in your hands!


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