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How to Keep Your Pet From Becoming Obese

Staying healthy is absolutely essential for pets to live a long and happy life. One pitfall that many pet owners fall into is overfeeding their pets to the point where they are obese. While fat animals may be cute, and it may be hard to say no to your beloved companion, obesity brings many challenges and pain into an animal's life. Their health is your responsibility so you should do your best to help them maintain a proper weight!


Exercise Regularly

Keeping your pet active is one of the best ways to prevent them from becoming obese. Not only does sufficient exercise help them burn calories, but it also reduces their appetite so that they don't overeat or beg for more food. Exercising your pet is simple, and the effects go a long way.


  • Physical Exercise: You need to challenge your dog physically so that their body grows strong and they maintain a healthy weight. You can take them for some lovely long walks, or even just have them run around an open area. 
  • Mental Exercise: It is also just as essential to give your pet mental stimulation. While this won't burn a significant amount of calories like physical exercise does mental exercise tires out your pet like no other. Try some puzzle games with your pet, or have them learn complicated tricks, and you will notice their reduced appetite!
  • Playing: You can also keep your pet active simply by playing with them often. Play fetch with your dog or make your cat chase a toy on a string to work them physically!



Proper Nutrition Plan

While exercise is important in keeping your pet from becoming obese, there is only so much it can do. The most effective way to combat obesity is proper nutrition, and it would be best if you set up a proper diet plan for your pet that consists of healthy food and appropriate proportions.


  • Avoid Overfeeding: To keep your pet from gaining weight, you need to give them an appropriate amount of calories per day. Weigh your pet and base the diet plan around what weight you want them to achieve. It’s important not to go over the calorie count too often!
  • Give Treats Sparingly: Treats are essentially junk food for pets. Giving too many treats too often is a surefire way to go over their recommended calories per day, leading to obesity. Furthermore, human food is awful for pets, and you should not be giving them any.



Find a Good Balance

The key to keeping your pet from becoming obese is to find a good balance between eating and exercise. That is to say, don't starve your pet by withholding meals, and don't push them past their physical limits. Remember that this is a long journey, and you won't see results overnight!


Help Your Dog Stay Away From Obesity at Pampered Pooch Playground

Pampered Pooch Playground provides a fun-filled place for your beloved canine companion. Our staff is passionate about giving your dog the best care possible. If you don’t have time to exercise your dog yourself, we have many fun activities for them to enjoy and stay active. 

Contact us today to hear about how we can help you with your pooch!


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