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Dog Daycare in St. Louis Park

We all know no pet parent likes to leave their dear pup home alone. We also know that dogs who are frequently left in isolation are at risk of developing emotional maladies such as separation anxiety (characterized by uneasy pacing, excessive drooling, and dangerous escape attempts). 


Dogs hate being alone and crave to belong to a pack. Socialization is the gateway to a healthy pup. So instead of leaving your canine friend alone while you are out busy, consider finding a trustworthy and loving doggy daycare to tend to your dog’s every want and need. 


Here at Pampered Pooch Playground in St. Louis Park, we strive to offer just such a service. We offer our doggy guests not only a place to weather the boredom of being stuck home alone, but also a venue for all sorts of canine-related fun! 


Your dog will be mentally and physically stimulated as they play with all sorts of new and interesting friends, and all the while budding their confidence and social skills! 


We’ll Look After Your Pup With Loving Care at Pampered Pooch Playground

At Pampered Pooch Playground we pledge to give your pup a tail-waggin good time! No longer will your pup have to wait alone at home in stressed anticipation. We want you to feel secure knowing your dog is having a blast with our loving staff while you are away. For information about our doggy daycare services, please contact us today!


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