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Back To School Dog Anxiety: How To Handle It

If you are a pet parent and have children returning to school, you may be worried about the changes in your routine—and whether or not your dog can handle it. While it's normal to feel concerned about your dog during this time, the truth is that most dogs can handle a routine change just fine with a bit of guidance and training. 


Anxiety In Dogs Can Increase When Kids Are Not At Home

Dogs are pack animals and deeply attach to their human companions, especially children. If your dog has separation anxiety, he may become anxious when the kids go back to school. This anxiety can cause the dog to behave in ways that are not typical for them, such as excessive barking or chewing on furniture. 


Dogs with separation anxiety often do not do well, especially when there is a change in routine. With kids returning to school, parents should be aware of how their dogs may react to this change.


Signs That Your Dog Is Developing Separation Anxiety 

One in six dogs is estimated to suffer from separation anxiety or display anxiety symptoms if they are already predisposed to it.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Pacing up and down excessively 
  • Barking or whining more frequently
  • Scratching the door or window in an attempt to escape
  • Displacement behaviors like chewing on furniture or getting into a trashcan
  • In some cases, dogs go to the bathroom indoors


How To Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

Anxiety in dogs caused by back-to-school changes can cause your dog to act out in destructive ways, but there are several things you can do to help manage it.


Establish a routine for your dog. The biggest cause of stress for dogs changes in their routine. As you schedule carpools and activities after school, ensure your dog's new routine is established. Make sure they get their meals, walks, and playtimes regularly. 


Ease your dog into change. To become familiar with being alone, have your whole family leave the house for increasingly more extended periods of time. 


Exercise your dog more often. Separation anxiety can be reduced with as little as 30 minutes of daily exercise and activity. In the same way that humans relieve stress through physical activity, dogs do the same. 


Toys that stimulate the mind are beneficial to your dog. Toys filled with peanut butter or other fillers are popular with dogs. Puzzle toys that encourage them to find hidden treats are also a great option. 


Take your dog to daycare. Daycare will help stimulate your dog's mind and eliminate its anxiety. Doggy daycare can help your dog get rid of anxiety and stress, and it will also help your dog socialize with other dogs and have fun.


As with any new changes in routine, it might take some time for your dog to adjust and feel comfortable again. But as long as you give your furry companion some attention and care and keep things fun, your dog should be able to enjoy this new phase of life.


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